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      a) Check your walls first! Reusing a frame is a great way to save money and reduce waste. Some artwork comes in odd size frames but that is not a problem as we can print any size!

      b) Another great option is to buy second hand. Don’t rule out framed artwork, it can almost always be removed. If you are into DIY, you may even want to paint a frame.

      c) Thirdly, you can buy new. We buy the majority of our frames from Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Walmart, Marshals, Ikea, or online through $5 Frames. You may also want to check the framed artwork in these stores as well.

      Panorama frames can be harder to find. There is usually a small selection in Hobby Lobby and Michaels but this is where looking at the framed artwork can be helpful. You may find a better selection of panorama frames online as well.

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      Hobby Lobby has 3 main sections of frames. 8x10 and smaller sizes are in the section near the front of the store and are always ½ off. In the framing section in the back of the store there are two styles: open back frames and wall frames. The wall frames have glass and backs on the frame. These two styles alternate 50% off discounts each week.

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      Step 1: Lay frame on a towel to protect it as you work

      Step 2: Remove glass and/or previous artwork

      Step 3: Clean and touch up frame as necessary

      Step 4: Secure the new print in the frame. If the frame does not have a backing or tabs, use a point driver or small finish nails.

      Step 5: Install a hanging bracket. If the frame is heavy, use wire instead of a bracket.

      Step 6: Enjoy your print!

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      Where can I buy locally?

      Sew Simple

      West Alexandria, Ohio

      Kylie Bowman's 

      Covington, Ohio

      Boones Country Store

      Boones Mill, Virginia

      Google Maps - Boones Country Store