I’m Glenna Bayer; and I'm all about faith, family, and photography. I’ve been taking photographs almost as long as I can remember; beginning as a child with sneaking a shot now and then on the family's film camera. In my teens, on a whim I bought my first SLR camera, a Minolta x700, without having a clue of how to use it. I took some classes and so began a life-long pursuit of learning, practicing, and perfecting photography. My latest aspiration is delving into astrophotography; a very fascinating and challenging realm.

I will take pictures of anything that catches my eye, but my passion is photographing landscapes and nature. I love experiencing the beautiful scenes in person, and then sharing through photos so that others get to appreciate the beauty as well. I have taken almost all of the photographs on this site, with the remainder being taken by immediate family members. 

Glenna Bayer
I have a wonderful family; a husband who fully supports my photographic obsession; two sons, two daughters, a daughter-in-law and a son-in-law who have frequently had to endure the cold when I jumped out of a vehicle and left the door open, so as not to miss that perfect shot. Each family member has helped out in some way with the business; I am incredibly grateful for each one of them. Here we are at my daughter's wedding in August, 2016:
Bayer family at wedding

In 2008 after visiting a P. Graham Dunn store, I got the idea to add scripture verses to my own photos and also to apply a hand-sponged matte gel medium to cover the print. This resulted in a very unique look which resembled a painting in texture but with the sharp detail of a photograph. The coating looked nice and was popular but was very pain-staking to apply, with no two turning out the same. I entered my first craft sale that year: 2008 craft sale at Brookside Ohio

In 2011 I bought an Epson 3880 printer that could print on canvas. And the rest, as they say, is history.

In 2015 I upgraded to a Canon ipf8400 large format printer that can print up to 44” wide, enabling me to print many pictures, quickly. That is when we began expanding by attending more craft sales and setting up displays in several local stores.

Glenna Bayer in front of Canon large-format printer

2015 Craft Sale, Brookside, Ohio: 2015 Craft Sale Brookside Ohio

It's now 2018 and we are continuing the transformation from selling a few prints locally as a hobby, to growing a serious photography business.

I've used mostly Canon cameras, with the majority of photos on this site being taken by a Canon Rebel, 60d, or 70d. I've very recently upgraded to the Sony mirrorless system, and am currently using an a6500 and a full-frame a7rIII.